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Yep, this one comes up a lot too, for some reason there is a misconception that once a dog has had a piece of raw chicken it’s going to hunt down everything that moves like some sort of crazed vampire dog.

Don’t get me wrong, dogs will chase prey, they are predators after all.  They’ll also chase balls, frisbees, toys, each other, anything that it looks like it might be fun to run after.

Ted’s all time most exciting chase was after a discarded carrier bag blowing across the heath!  These ducks below however, not so much, even though he has eaten one of their distant relations in the past.

But Ted is, after all, a chihuahua, they are bred for companionship.  Other breeds bred for hunting are more likely to chase prey with an intent to kill and then to do so (although that carrier bag I mentioned did take a battering!).   But this is not reflective of their diet, rather of what we have bred them to be predisposed to do and then how we have trained and managed them.  (I could have a rant at this point about people getting dogs because of how they look rather than what they are predisposed to do but I’ll save that for another day!)

I am a member of a number of forums where people feed dogs raw.  On the raw meaty bones yahoo group (http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/RawMeatyBones/) alone there are over 1800 members, I have never heard of anyone noticing a sudden blood lust developing in their dog after starting feeding raw.  In fact, if anything people report back that their dogs are calmer, less likely to scavenge and I’ve even heard of confirmed poo eaters kicking their habit!

And just to finish up, here’s a web page I love, “Colby the Chicken Killer” (http://rawfed.com/colbythekiller.html), it has a link to the raw fed myths bloodthirsty page at the bottom which explains all this much better than I have!