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A couple of good things happened yesterday that I wanted to share with you.

First up Ted shed another one of his rogue baby teeth so now he’s only got two left to come out. Ted teething a few months back was a rather uneventful experience, I didn’t notice a particular escalation in chewing, just a couple of times when he held his mouth differently or seemed less comfortable.  At these times I just feed his meals a little more frozen as working on partially frozen raw meaty bones is great for teething pups.

Retained baby teeth can happen with any breed of dog but it seems with the smaller ones the mouth tends to be more crowded so the adult teeth don’t always push all the baby teeth out.  Ted now has two such teeth left but I am confident only one will eventually need removing and unless it gives him problems the vet has said leave it and it can come out if he has to go under for something else.

I only ever found two of this shed teeth before this one, I suspect the rest were so small I didn’t spot them or he just swallowed them.  Yesterday I found him in the lounge sniffing something on the floor experimentally so I asked him to leave it so I could check it wasn’t something dangerous.  Here is what I found:

Finally one of his front teeth has given up its long running battle to cling to his gum!  Seeing as it was his I gave it him back to do as he wished with, safe to say the tooth fairy won’t be seeing it any time soon!

The second thing was bumping into the owner of a black Pug (Pug’s name is George, no idea of the owner’s name!) and his daughter.  I’ve met the owner and George a few times and his owner immediately said to his daughter “This is Ted, the dog I’ve been telling you about, isn’t he beautiful”.  Well of course that is lovely to hear and I cooed over George a bit too as I am a sucker for the cheeky face of a Pug!

But the thing that really made me smile was as his daughter was saying how cute etc Ted was her Dad said “Yes, but he’s a proper dog too. I see him out walking and running in the field”.  For me that was great 🙂