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I first “met” Jack and Samantha through the 1,000 raw fed dogs campaign and asked their mum if she’d like to write a guest blog for me. I have never come across such active greyhounds (although that may well be a reflection on me rather than greyhounds in general!). What amazing muscle tone these two have!

You can see their entry in the 1,000 raw fed dogs campaign here -> Jack and Samantha.

And here’s their guest blog:

“Jack and Samantha are retired racing greyhounds. My husband John and I adopted them from Arizona Adopt a Greyhound in Phoenix the day after Thanksgiving 2006. We are avid hikers, and Jack and Sam love hiking with us.

When we first adopted Jack and Sam, we fed them kibble and mixed in things like milk, chicken broth or eggs to make it more interesting. They were not impressed, and mealtime was met with little enthusiasm.

A few months later John and I made some significant changes in our own diet, eliminating artificial ingredients and buying organic as much as we could. It wasn’t long before I realized the disparity between our new-found health consciousness and the poor quality we were feeding our dogs. I searched for healthier kibble, but living in rural Utah, our options are limited.

Then we attended the Greyhound Gathering in Kanab, Utah, and sat in on a session that described the terrible things in kibble. I was horrified and could barely bring myself to feed Jack and Sam their dinner that night.

As soon as we got home, I began researching alternatives to kibble. I quickly found that raw meat and bones (prey model) made the most sense to me, and within days Jack and Sam were completely off kibble. Now mealtime is celebrated with leaps of joy!

The health benefits of raw feeding have been wonderful. Having been raw-fed for several years now, Jack and Sam have maintained excellent weight, strong teeth, shiny coats, and great muscle tone, and they never get sick. Best of all they have lots of energy for hiking!”