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Well here’s a turn up, little Oreo ended up on raw because her vet suggested it!  It’s great that some vets are knowledgeable enough to be able to do this, hopefully in time more and more vets will think this way.  I have to believe there is a chance this will happen!

You can see Oreo’s 1,000 raw fed dogs photo here, it was posted the day after Oreo started on raw, I asked her owner to write a guest blog post about her experiences and she was nice enough to agree to.  Here’s their story:

It was definitely not on a whim that I took the plunge to feed my Oreo raw. The first time Oreo had an allergic reaction, it was to the new pillow I got her. As a new dog owner, naturally, I panicked. When I brought her to the vet, her doctor, Dr Lee, very nonchalantly mentioned, “You should consider feeding her raw, or dehydrated raw, if you are not ready yet!”

That was the start of our journey into feeding raw.

In the weeks that followed, I first discovered the local pet store selling various dehydrated raw food. Of course, I bought the best that I could find and found that Oreo loved it so much that I naturally felt it was a good move!. In the meantime, I did all the research on feeding raw. Honestly, all those talk about BARF, prey model and other haphazard model was so confusing it was simply intimidating. Thankfully, I found a forum where many were keen on raw feeding (positively.com/forum) and a friend who fed her three schnauzers raw. Having online friends and a local one who were experienced really helped me because I could get lots of advice. As such, before I even decided on feeding raw, I found I was quite knowledgeable about it already!

By the time I decided to take the plunge, I felt I was rather ready for it, despite the trepidation. The first time I gave Oreo a raw prime pork rib, she took to it like a fish swimming in water (so naturally it’s as if she had done it since she was born!) Of course, it gave me great encouragement that I was doing things right!

Till today, my family is not too keen about my feeding Oreo raw. They have their concerns about bacteria but I do see them weakening their “resolve” when they see how happy she is eating raw. Naturally, it is not all smooth sailing. I do still have my concerns once in a while about Oreo eating RMBs, especially on the occasions when Oreo seem to want to swallow the entire RMB, bone and all without chewing or when I hear detractors.

Two weeks into feeding her raw, I do feel somewhat like a pro at it already and I can see my own excitement at feeding Oreo good food rubbing off among the dog owners friends I have who seem to be more interested in feeding their dogs raw too. As Oreo and I continue on this exciting journey feeding raw, I look forward to seeing her growing stronger and living a longer and healthier life!”