Well it’s taken no time at all!  The first dog was posted on the 15th May 2012 and here we are two months later with 250 dogs (and I have a lot more photos ready to post too, please keep them coming).

We’ve also started collecting cats and ferrets today so I look forward to a even busier in-box!  The main reason for starting this campaign is to spread the word that raw feeding is the best way to feed our pet carnivores by showcasing all these lovely raw fed pets tucking into their food.

I’ve set the poster out below for easy viewing (try and find your dog, all 250 are there but some are more hidden than others).   Click on this link here -> 250 Raw Fed Dogs  to download it as a pdf, then get e-mailing and printing and spread the word.


Tinkerwolf – 1,000 Raw Fed Dogs
The pet food industry would have you think that dogs are best fed on a diet of processed junk food biscuits aka “high quality” kibble. Ted and his raw fed friends want you to see that the natural, healthy diet for a dog is raw meaty bones. Here is Ted, and 249 of his pals, eating exactly the way nature intended them to, we’re going to get to 1,000 dogs and we’re also collecting photos of cats and ferrets.

If you would like to include your raw fed dog, cat or ferret in the campaign, or just want to know more please check out www.tinkerwolf.com or e-mail rawfedpup@tinkerwolf.com