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I’m always looking for stories about dogs who have been helped through illness by switching to a raw diet. I hope that other owners who’s dogs are suffering in the same way read these stories and are helped.  That’s why when Cassie’s mum sent in a little background about Cassie and her seizures and how a raw diet had helped I asked her to tell the story.

You can see Cassie’s 1,000 raw fed dogs photo here. Here’s their story:

“We got Cassie at 12 weeks old, she was the cutest little puppy and just a great little girl. Over time we noticed that her food didn’t agree with her, we were lucky in that she just always had copious amounts of disgusting flatulence but she also was heavier than ideal. When we found the dog sport flyball we noticed the excess weight and switched kibble in order to help with that and her conditioning. The kibble was better, the gas was less, her weight stabilized and she was able to practice and compete without issue.

When Cassie was about 18 months old we learned about the local Earth Dog club and of course joined in order to participate in the earth dog events. Cassie LOVED those events. She excelled at go to ground and loved lure coursing. But lure coursing came with an issue. The first few times everything was great, but then we had a situation where we had to wait for our turn, in line, where she could see the lure. She got on the track and within seconds we had the most terrifying experience. Our baby girl fell to the ground in a full seizure.

Thankfully I had been trained in human seizure protocol and recognized it for what it was. A little Karo syrup and some water and rest and she was fine. Not knowing why we went again to an event a few weeks later and had a repeat experience. Throughout this time Cassie was actively training and competing in flyball without problems. We were off to the vet shortly after the second seizure and the only option we had was to try to induce another seizure, or we could assume it was due to hypoglycemia and just supervise her in flyball and stop all earth dog events to prevent her from getting so excited.

We opted to stop the earth dog trials and monitor her. She would have seizures or the beginning stages (that we had learned to recognize) about once a year, anytime she was in hot weather and with heavy exercise. Then when she was about 6 years old she started seizuring again, but in a different way, it looked different and was caused by any stress (i.e. a bath in the kitchen sink versus shower). Back to the vet we went and he wanted to spend thousands of dollars checking her back, although she moved normally and was still competing without issue.

Then we learned about a raw diet. Through some research we determined that Cassie’s years of gas and hypoglycemia could be food related and that we should try the raw diet. So just after Cassie’s 6th birthday, we began a full raw diet, cutting all processed foods from her diet.

We saw an immediate difference, within two days the gas was next to gone. She stopped having the beginning signs of seizures with heat and exercise, and she started to get faster and more consistent times in flyball. Three months after beginning raw, we allowed Cassie to lure course again and she did so seizure free! I cried….she was again able to do something she loved and without issue.

We still chose to not lure course frequently but she just retired from flyball this year at 12 years old, still can run and play with the other dogs and handles heat and exercise as well as any other fit dog of her age can. But to this day if she eats anything that is not raw (kibble, treats, cooked meats, fruit/vegetables, etc) the gas will return.