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(260) Cesar

Cesar the male Bull Terrier, aged 21 months, eating a deer leg.

(261) Sadie

Sadie the female Bull Terrier, aged 4 years, eating a chicken drumstick.

Their owner says:   “I started Cesar on a raw diet because he had skin issues pretty bad and had hair loss and was pretty itchy, he has been on an all Prey Model Raw diet for almost a year now and doing FANTASTIC! have not had a single problem! Sadie was rescued from basically a small scale puppy mill, she was a mother to 6 litters in her short life, maybe more. She was in very poor shape when i brought her in suffering skin issues as well, she has been with me 2-3 weeks now and her skin is already improving due to the raw diet!”

If you are a raw feeder I would love it if you would send me a photo of your dog eating raw meaty bones to add to the gallery and help me reach my target of 1,000 raw fed dogs eating raw meaty bones captured on camera! Click here for how to send me your photo.