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Anyone who follows tinkerwolf on facebook (www.facebook/tinkerwolf) will know that I took exception to a BBC programme aired Monday on BBC1, Food Factory.  It’s on iPlayer for a few more days for anyone in the UK (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01kdn7m)

In between showing what’s in ready made custard it took a “light hearted” look at dog food production, including chuckling at how awful it looks and smells, whilst simultaneously peddling the worn out information on how it is “complete” and “fit for human consumption”.  They even managed to fit in a bit of free advertising for Crown Pet Foods, so much for independence from commercial interests.

Today I decided I was incensed enough to submit a complaint, to which I should receive a response (generic or otherwise), within two weeks. I thought I’d share my complaint as I submitted it with you all, assuming I can (and maybe even if I’m not supposed to), I will also share the response when I receive it.

If anyone else fancies joining me you can do so here -> http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/

Here’s what I sent them:

“Anyone making a programme covering pet food should first read Tom Lonsdale’s “Raw Meaty Bones” book which details the collusion and corruption of the veterinary profession, working hand-in-hand with multi-national corporations. I can only conclude therefore that the pet food section of the Food Factory was either ill researched or completely biased towards the pet food industry. Not only that but you gave Crown Pet Food (makers of Royal Canin) a platform to talk about how complete their food was, surely this is free advertising and not what our licence fees should be spent on.

You failed to show the absolute rubbish (cheap maize fillers for e.g.) that Crown put into their food. Neither did you cover the pet food industry’s tests for completeness of the diet being can the dog “survive” in the short term on the food, rather than will the dog have a long and happy life.

In producing this 5 minutes of biased TV you have served to further the pet food industry’s agenda of selling cheap, rubbish product to unsuspecting pet owners under the guise of it being the best diet for a pet carnivore. Neither did you show the link between the pet food industry and vets who receive their scant nutrition training from the very pet food companies who’s product they go on to receive commission on in their practices.

If you care about UK pets please read Tom Londsdale’s book and take action. (Copied to my blog at http://www.tinkerwolf.com).”

I’ve no idea what difference this will make but I look at Ted and how healthy he is and I want this for more of our pets.