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(355) Jazzmine

Jazzmine the female YorkiePoo, aged 8 years old eating a chicken leg.

(356) Rocky

Rocky the male Boxer, aged 3 years old eating a skinned rabbit head.

(357) Tucker

Tucker the male YorkiePoo, aged 14 years old eating pork.

Their mum says: “I switched my agility boxer to raw a few months ago. Best choice I have ever made!! His coat is amazing! Shedding minimal, no eye boogers, less itching from allergies. His teeth have zero plaque built up. Tucker is my 14 year old yorkiepoo. He recently started eating raw. As the photo shows, he loves it! He immediatley took to raw foods. His favorite meal is a big raw meaty pork bone!”

If you are a raw feeder I would love it if you would send me a photo of your dog eating raw meaty bones to add to the gallery and help me reach my target of 1,000 raw fed dogs eating raw meaty bones captured on camera! Click here for how to send me your photo.