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When Jennifer sent in Cinder’s photo for the raw fed dogs campaign she also sent in a link to her website about her mastiffs www.tailcreekmastiffs.com. We ended up chatting  over e-mail and I found out that Jennifer is a carnivore nutritionist www.thenaturalcarnivore.com. Well of course I had to ask her to write a guest blog.

Jennifer has also kindly provided Ted with a consultation, I’m going to be posting about the consultation soon, in the mean time here is Jennifer’s guest blog:

“As I sat down to write this guest blog there were so many topics coming to mind. I decided to write about viewing your pet’s health as an investment. As pet owners we want to do right by our furry companions. We don’t want to see them going through health challenges that reduce their quality of life, or worse. Each individual pet owner shoulders the responsibility for making all the choices about their pet’s care. Professionals, friends and family can all advise us what they think is best, but ultimately the final choice is made by the animal’s caretaker.

Kudos to those of you who have realized that different animals have different dietary requirements and have chosen to feed them appropriately for their species! There are many things we can do to invest in our pet’s health. By making smart choices with respect to our pet’s care we can prevent many issues from ever occurring in the
first place.

Probably, like most of you, I don’t look forward to spending money on something if I don’t have to. There hardly ever seems to be enough of it (money) and I would much rather do some renovations on my house than contribute to the payment of reno’s at my veterinarian’s clinic. Plus I would never want my pets to suffer through an illness if it could have been avoided. If I can prevent health issues from arising, I most certainly will!

I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with mastiffs for several years now. We also selectively breed our dogs. So not only do I have the responsibility of my own dog’s care, but at times an entire litter of new puppies. The choices that I as the breeder make have a definite influence on the health of the next generation. If I can be proactive with my dog’s health by giving them exactly what they need to thrive, avoiding costly vet bills, having happy, long lived dogs why wouldn’t I? What is the drawback?

Truthfully, it does take a little more time and preparation to feed a raw diet. It’s not as convenient as throwing a bag of kibble in the shopping cart and doling out a few scoops every day. It also takes effort to see that our pets are getting enough exercise and
mental stimulation and all the other things they need to maintain their health. But hey, is it convenient to have to cancel that winter getaway because you can’t leave your dog for fear that his irritable bowel syndrome will flare up while you are away and he could become quite ill. This is a health problem caused by improper diets that can be avoided.

I feel a sense of responsibility to any new lives that are created from my hand. As a breeder is it not my duty provide the best start to life possible? I think so! In my mind, anything I can do to set those puppies up to have a long life, free of chronic and degenerative conditions is well worth the effort. Of course once they go to their new homes, that responsibility passes over to their new owners, and hopefully they will continue along the same path.

When you are looking for a new companion to add to your family from a reputable breeder, select one that is raising their animals naturally. They will likely be more than happy to guide you on how to continue when you take your animal home. When investing the time and effort in naturally raising your animals you will be repaid with low maintenance costs and happy, healthy animals that will be by your side for many, many years.

If you want to learn how you can prevent health issues from occuring, or gain understanding and remove current obstacles to your pets health I encourage you to contact me for a consultation. Once you gain an understanding of how and why disease occurs you will be much better equipped to make decisions about your pets care. In my opinion, pet owners need to stop using veterinarians as a one stop shop for all pet care. The services of a veterinarian should be reserved for what they are specifically trained for: surgery, diagnostics and emergency care.

Seek out experts trained on health prevention and promotion, nutrition and holistic care to learn how to best support the health of your pet and avoid those pricey veterinarian bills!

About the author: Jennifer Lee is a natural rearing breeder of mastiffs and a carnivore nutritionist providing in-depth, personalized nutrition and wellness consultations for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.

Visit her websites at: www.thenaturalcarnivore.com and www.tailcreekmastiffs.com
Follow her facebook pages here:
https://www.facebook.com/#!/TheNaturalCarnivore and here: