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Most bloggers will tell you that, particularly to start with, blog stats can become a bit of an obsession.  How many hits each day, what countries are visiting my site, which web pages refer people in the most, which of the links I’ve posted to do people go off and visit next. But for me, by far the most interesting is what search terms people have used to find tinkerwolf.

So I thought I’d share this with you, partly because some of them have made me chuckle but mainly to encourage more of you who have dogs with illnesses that have been helped by raw feeding to write a guest blog for me.

By far and away the most used search term that gets to my site is when people search for tinkerwolf or tinkerwolf.com or some sort of variation on that, it’s pleasing that people are intentionally seeking tinkerwolf out.

The next most popular category is the photoquotes and I’ll be honest and say this is one of the reasons that I do them. I figure people who otherwise might not even have heard of raw feeding might end up on tinkerwolf by looking at a photoquote and maybe, just maybe, it might be the start of a raw journey. Of course I also do them as a tribute to dogs in general, and the lovely Ted in particular, as without him tinkerwolf wouldn’t even exist.

After that the next biggest category is people searching for information about dogs with particular illnesses. Colitis comes up over 20 times which means Lynda and Phoebe have potentially helped a good few people and their pooches already, even allowing for repeat searches. Likewise skin infections and allergies also feature numerous times so Amy and Sasha, Bev, Tamara and Kuzco, Andrea and Mr Jake, and Elisabeth and Tilly have also potentially helped a number of people and dogs, as have Emma and Rocky as people searching for information about cushings in dogs have found tinkerwolf. So I really really urge you if you have a story to share, or know of someone who does who you think I should contact, please please e-mail me at rawfedpup@tinkerwolf.com.

There are a few searches that seem to be people who just want support in switching to/sticking with raw. It’s bittersweet to see “My vet says raw is bad” come up but also great to see “Vets that are knowledgeable about a raw diet”. I did smile when I saw that someone searching for “Hills prescription diet” had found their way to my site, I do wonder what they thought when they landed!

Finally here are my favourite funnies “Yorkshire terrier and wolf”, I dread to think what they were expecting to see! I suspect the person searching for “picture of rottweiler with wings” didn’t get quite what they were looking for. “I’m poo obsessed”, well any raw feeder can relate to that but surely “what kind of raw meaty bone is best for silky poos” is taking things too far! Not as far however as “Dog cat sex download” … what is WRONG with people?

My favourite however is “Baby panda poo”, how that resulted in someone ending up on tinkerwolf I have no idea!

Ted likes to hang out with me when I’m blogging, looking at him I am so glad I found out about and switched him to a raw diet. Often it takes something pretty serious for people to find out about and switch to raw, so please please if you have a story to tell about switching that you think will encourage and/or inform others about this way of feeding please get in touch with me at rawfedpup@tinkerwolf.com