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It’s been a while since I did a post about chihuahuas being dogs not accessories. As anyone who reads regularly knows Ted gets walked twice a day. He actually walks a minimum of two hours each day but has been known to walk up to four hours in a day. There isn’t much in the way of weather that bothers him, although he’s not a huge fan of hail, but then who is!

Ted went to puppy class and has his basic level obedience, he walks nicely on lead and has good recall off lead. He also, for the record, is toilet trained. I am always amazed when people with adult chihuahuas ask me about this because their dog isn’t.

I guess what I am trying to say is chihuahuas can be trained. Ted loves to learn new tricks and is always excited to see the clicker come out. We usually do a few tricks on our walks as he seems to enjoy playing this way and it’s a good way to reinforce commands in more distracting environments.

For once I remembered to get a video of us playing to share with you. He is a bit distracted by the camera as you can see, but our training isn’t really about getting things neat and tidy and precise it’s about having fun and working together. This is why I’ve signed him up for an agility class not heel work to music!

Anyway here he is in action yesterday.