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(387) Sweetie

Sweetie, the female Pug, 6 years old, chomping on a chicken frame – dragging it around the yard as she goes!

Her owner says: “She’s a former puppy mill bitch, poor thing. We’ve had her six months and she’s been fed raw only since the second day. She’s only got five teeth up the top, and ten or so on the bottom but it doesn’t slow her down very much! Poor little thing licked her first ever chicken neck for about 20 minutes before she figured out what to do with it, and the state of her teeth suggested she’d never had a bone in her life. She’s lost about 25% of her body weight since she’s been eating raw (she was obese when we got her) and has gained a heap of energy and fitness.

Her diet consists of chicken necks and frames, beef and lamb hearts, kidneys, tripe and liver, beef cheeks, raw eggs and sardines – her one cooked food item.”

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