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Poor, poor Buster and Enzo, not only did they have to put up with Daisy, Onyx and Warrior, now they’ve got a houseful of kittens and their mum to contend with!

(23) Buddha

Buddha, male, aged 10 weeks eating a chicken neck.

(24) Spot

Spot, male, aged 10 weeks eating a lamb rib bone.

Their mum says: “I took Angel in as a foster 3 months ago. She was with me (and raw fed of course), for three weeks before she had her litter. Four lovely kittens, two girls, two boys, two tabbies, one tabby & white, and one white with dark spots and a tabby tail.

They were all weaned onto raw. They and their mum eat chicken meat, beef liver and beef heart a few times a week or every other week, they have also had pigeon, rabbit, quail and pheasant. They do get fish too, but tinned for convenience.

The Kittens are 10 weeks old now, so are due back to the rescue centre to be rehomed, however I have decided to adopt Buddha and possibly one of his sisters (just cant decide which one!!). Their mum and the other two kittens will soon be looking for their forever homes.

No pictures of the rest of them eating raw as it is hard to get a good picture (they don’t stay still for very long!)  The girls are Cheshire Cat (tabby & white) and Misty (grey tabby).

This is Angel, and her 4 kittens.”

If you are a raw feeder I would love it if you would send me a photo of your cat eating raw meaty bones to add to the gallery and help me reach my target of 1,000 raw fed cats eating raw meaty bones captured on camera! Click here for how to send me your photo.