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I’m pretty certain that when Berlin sang “Take my breath away” that they weren’t talking about dog poo, but I’ve had a couple of dog poo instances (which I’ll come on to) when this was the first thing that sprung to mind.

Like most raw feeders I am a self confessed poo observer and can happily talk about it. For those of you of a nervous disposition you may want to leave this post now!

First up I am going to have to make a confession. Ted will often go multiple times on a walk, as they are so small and don’t smell much I tend to keep the bag with me and use it again, only throwing it away at the end of the walk, otherwise it just feels like a waste of bags. I quite often pop it in my bag/pocket whilst we’re on the walk and (final warning for the squeamish) I have been known to get in my car and drive half an hour or so sitting on a used poo bag in my back pocket.

In fact it gets worse, a few days ago I had my breakfast whilst sitting on a bag of poo. A few weeks ago I got undressed to get in the shower and thought “gosh I don’t smell great”, it was only when I came back from the shower and the vague smell was still there that I realised I’d still got a poo bag in my pocket. In worse case scenarios I’ve actually managed to have a used poo bag with me up to 24 hours before I’ve realised I haven’t thrown it away.

Now clearly I don’t set out to do this, and it happens very rarely or I’d change my strategy. And thank goodness one has never split because I don’t even want to think about that situation. But my point is that there is very little odour to Ted’s poo. I’m not saying I’d want to dab it behind my ears but the fact that I can be in it’s presence for up to 24 hours without even noticing tells you how low odour it is.

Because Ted has pretty much always been fed raw by me and he is my first dog I’ve not had the experience of kibble fed dog poo and as a result I’ve sort of come to expect dog poo doesn’t smell that bad. So imagine my surprise when a friend’s dog had a poo not far away from me and it smelt so bad it caught in my throat and I stopped speaking and my eyes started watering! This has happened twice now (different dogs), I was literally fighting for breath and if you’d told me to carry that around with me for 24 hours I think I’d have been throwing up pretty quickly.

So my question to those of you who have kibble fed for a while and then switched to raw is: “Is kibble poo really that bad or were these unusual freak incidences? Do people really put up with dog poo that burns your throat?”

I’ll leave you with a photo of Ted in some slightly frosty grass. Winter is definitely here!

Ted in the frost