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The absolute BEST thing happened outside the butchers at the weekend, almost simultaneously I spotted a very cute pup just as his owners spotted Ted. We got to talking, swapping ages, breeds etc. Dale turned out to be a spaniel/terrier cross. He looked like a tiny chocolate lab, he’s about 14 weeks old and all ears, feet and fat puppy tummy.

As I was trying to work out how to bring up the subject of raw feeding, always easier to do when looking into a whole shop full of raw meaty bones, Dale’s owners (why do I always ask the dog’s name but never the person’s name?) beat me to it saying “We have him on the raw diet”.

It transpired that Dale goes to Simone’s puppy classes at Pawsitive. At the start of the classes Simone does a chat about various aspects of owning a dog and included in that is  diet, and specifically the benefits of raw feeding.

Back when Ted, who was raw fed when he started puppy school, went to the class Simone’s dogs were not yet converted to raw, it was something that she had been considering. I like to think that Ted perhaps inspired her in some way to switch her little dog Milo to raw, in fact she wrote a guest blog about Milo switching … Milo and his wing.

So it’s absolutely fantastic that dogs going to Simone’s classes are being switched to raw, often whilst they are still young pups, go Simone!

I gave Dale’s owners’ the tinkerwolf address and they said that they’d send in photos of Dale eating raw so fingers crossed you’ll be able to see a photo of him soon.

In the meantime here’s Ted and Milo again on Milo’s Saturday night visit, there was some noise outside that they are both focussed on. If you want to know more about Milo’s recovery then I’m updating tinkerwolf’s facebook page regularly.

Milo and Ted listening to something outside