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As raw feeders we know not to feed cooked bones, to weigh up the risks of feeding weight bearing bones of larger animals, to feed larger pieces to minimise any choking risk, to feed bones wrapped in lots of meat, and to ensure we observe our animals eating so that if they do run into problems we are on hand (although this is true of them eating anything, not just bones). But we also know how beneficial raw bones are to our dogs’ health.

The pet “food” industry, however, has done a thorough job of convincing most people that if you feed your dog a bone it is going to simultaneously break a tooth, choke and get it stuck in its bowel/on the way out … all leading to certain death right there and then!

So having gone to the trouble of establishing bones as being so dangerous why do so many pet “food” manufacturers make bone shaped food, chews and treats? I do think it is indicative of how safe they feel in their campaign against raw bones for dogs that they can then use the shape of an item they deem dangerous to peddle their rubbish.

But honestly I am really interested in what you all think about this, because it bemuses the hell out of me. Ted says trying to work it out is exhausting!

Thinking is tiring!