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I thought I’d share a brief “conversation” I had with another dog owner this morning. I was chatting to a couple of people that I walk with sometimes when an owner I usually avoid appeared (young dog swinging around and bashing into stuff on a flexi lead which she uses to periodically garrote him). Against my better judgement we stayed put.  Fortunately her dog was actually very calm around Ted and stuck to throwing himself (more or less literally) at the other dogs instead.

Then the owner got some treats out and started dishing them out to all the dogs.  It kind of annoys me when people don’t ask before trying to give Ted something. So whilst she was working her way around I started asking questions, the conversation went like this:

Me: “Do those have corn in them?”
Her: Holds a dubious looking biscuit up for me to see.
Me: “Do they contain any sort of grain? He doesn’t eat grain.”
Her: “They’re not dog food, they’re treats.”
Me: “Who makes them?”
Her: Blank expression.
Me: “Do you know what is in them?”
Her: “The vet sells them.”
Me: (Now exasperated) “Oh he’s definitely not having them then”.

She looked really put out, but having had Ted close to two years now I am long past worrying about putting other people’s sensitivities before the health and safety of my dog. Being only 6.5lb one “treat” of that size is a significant and with all the recalls and problems dogs have with processed food and treats I’m not prepared to take chances.

It struck me that whilst most raw owners could rattle off exactly what their dogs have eaten over the last week, right down to the animal part (chicken thigh, pork rib, lamb’s heart, dried liver etc) those who feed processed food seem to have no clue what they are giving their dogs. They rely totally on the marketeers and sales people (yep, I’m including vets in that group) and what they are told by them. It’s hardly independent advice is it?

And yet we’re still seen as the crazy minority! I only fed kibble for a few brief weeks before I switched ted to raw (and it pains me to even think about it!) but I do know I haven’t clue what was in that food.

What about you? Prior to raw feeding did you know what you were feeding your dog?Could you visualise the individual ingredients that made up that kibble with any degree of accuracy? Can you imagine giving your dog food that you have no idea who makes it or what is in it?

Early morning on the harbour