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A couple of weeks ago Ted got what I can best describe as a cold. Rather than keep you in suspense I can tell you he is absolutely fine now.

It may or may not have been kennel cough as apparently that can manifest as a cold rather than a cough. I took his temperature a couple of times and it was fine and there was nothing that made me think that he needed antibiotics, so I took the decision not to take him to see the vet as I couldn’t see what they would add to what I already knew.

It started with 3 separate bouts of reverse sneezing in one day, Ted rarely reverse sneezes so I found it a bit strange. After the last sneeze his became fearful and wanted to go home so off we went. He ate a huge dinner then slept all evening which is also unusual as he usually likes to have a little play session at some point. So I was a bit concerned as to what was wrong.

Then during the night he started sneezing, I was almost relieved as now I had an explanation for his behaviour.

The following morning we set off on a walk and he seemed ok then 5 minutes in his tail dropped like a lead balloon and he wanted to be picked up. I tried him in several locations but he just wanted to be held so went back home and he slept.

He had a several days of sneezing, with a little bit of a runny nose (snorting occasionally) and generally feeling sorry for himself. Everything seemed too much of an effort to him. One evening, even though he was clearly hungry, tackling some chicken breast on the bone was just too much for him, so although I wouldn’t usually, I hand fed him and have did several times whilst he was ill.

For a dog who usually walks two to three hours a day and is outraged when we’re on our way home, we managed half an hour at most each day. He was shivering a lot and he usually only shivers when temperatures drop well into the minus degrees. He even shivered with a coat on and he rarely needs a coat.

I took him out at normal times and just let him go as far as he has wanted to, on a few occasions that was a quick pee and then wanting to go back to bed.

He was been reeeeeeeeeeally clingy. I couldn’t even get off the sofa to go to the kitchen (which is in the same room) without him following me and wanting to be picked up. Initially he was so clingy that I ended up fixing breakfast a couple of times with him zipped in my top like I used to do when he was a pup!

I have a feeling that part of the clinginess was due to his hearing being effected as he was fearful of some noises that usually he wouldn’t even notice. This is really unusual as Ted is a dog who didn’t flinch when an air sea rescue helicopter flew past us on a walk making me jump out of my skin!

It was like I having a different dog.

After a few days I started to see some improvement, he started inviting me to play a little and we started going on walks that lasted 3/4 of an hour.  And he started to enjoy the walks a lot more, whereas the other days it was more I’m going to pee and poo before something scary gets me then we’re going home and you can carry me.

I gave him Aconite twice a day throughout the illness which apparently if you can give it early in the onset can make a huge difference. I also put organic eucalyptus essential oil in an oil burner a few times a day, very weak and not right next to him as I didn’t want it to totally overpower him.

The little improvements continued and I think a turning point was when he had a quick blast of zoomies, almost like he was excited to be feeling a bit better.

The last symptom to go was him getting cold the instant we walked out of the door so I walked him in a coat. The first time he went out without his coat on he was so much happier!

The whole process took about a week and now I have the normal, confident Ted back. I managed to keep him away from other dogs whilst he was ill so I hope we didn’t pass it on.

Have you ever experienced something similar with your dog? What did you do to help them get better?

Rainbow Ted