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Today Ella reaches the 6 months milestone! There she is on the right on this morning’s walk, pretending she’s in a hair commercial wind tunnel. On the left is Ted when he was 6 months old, you can see that little Ella has some growing up to do still. Ted still looked such a baby at 6 months old.

Ted - 6 months old

Ted – 6 months old

Ella - 6 months old

Ella – 6 months old

She’s already down to two “all you can eat” meals a day and she’ll stay on this until she’s done growing, which will be a while yet, and I may well do a post on my experience of how toy breeds mature. Eventually her breakfast will be cut down to a snack like Ted has and her dinner will remain an all you can eat experience provided she continues to self regulate.

This growing up business is totally exhausting!