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One of the things that has surprised me about having little Ella in the family is the way Ted has stepped into his big brother role with aplomb. Although naturally social with other dogs, he is easily overwhelmed by boisterousness. I have had him come to me for help to get away from chihuahua puppies a quarter his size. So I fully expected to have to manage their interactions until Ted until he got comfortable with Ella.

I needn’t have worried, he accepted the interloper from the start and was playing happily with her from their first morning together. He very rarely plays with other dogs, and I’ve never seen him play with a puppy before, but he knew how to play with Ella from the start. Here he is with her on the third day we had her, back in late December last year, sorry about the way I was holding the camera:

It has been a pleasure to watch their relationship develop, here they are in early March (and my camera skills have improved!):

And here they are a few days ago, Ella is starting to look more like a dog now!

There are a few other videos of them on TheTedVids You Tube Channel if you really have time to kill!