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We’re nearing the half way mark on our way to getting photos of 1,000 raw fed dogs chomping on their raw meaty bones. I still get the same joy when a new carnivore photo lands in my in box. And from dipping into the galleries, the cats and ferrets may be lagging behind but it doesn’t make them any less appealing to look at.

So please, please keep them coming and spread the word amongst your raw feeding friends. If you want to submit your photos it’s pretty easy, check out the links for dogs, cats and ferrets.

If there’s anything that’s becoming clear it’s that we have lots of variety.

From supersized dogs:

To tiny dogs:

We’ve even got litters of puppies:

There is a huge variety of items being fed (who could forget Diesel and his whole turkey!), some more gory than others, and leading to a range of eating stances:

Some don’t seem to mind sharing with their buddies:

There’s also no rules about where they dine, Benji’s happy in his car parking space:

Some even like to be served on plates or chopping boards:

And April wouldn’t consider eating without her bib:

I also recognise a lot of the gallery dogs when their photos pop up in other places (for example forums and raw feeding groups). I can’t always remember the name of the dog but I can usually go back to the gallery and find them!

Ted and I have gone one step further and met some of the dogs from the gallery.

I would hope that over time we get to meet more of you and your raw fed dogs.

With so many to choose from I found it really hard to pick which dogs to include in this. But I wanted to say thank you again to everyone who’s sent in a photo. I enjoyed looking at each and every one as I went through them again for this post!