About tinkerwolf

tinkerwolf - for the love of dog

If tinkerwolf is anything it is first and foremost my heart dog Ted.  Without him I very much doubt tinkerwolf would exist, it started years ago as an outpouring of my love for him and has grown, and continues to grow, into what you see here today.

Some people love their dogs equally and some have that one special dog. Maybe their soul dog hasn't come to them yet, maybe they have more room in their heart to share. It doesn't matter, we all experience that tsunami of joy that only a dog can bring.

tinkerwolf is the place to come when you want to express your love for your dog.

tinkerwolf trinkets jewellery

tinkerwolf trinkets are all hand stamped by me in my workshop in Cornwall, and escorted to the post office by Ted and Ella.

I work with jewellery grade stainless steel, aluminium and copper, stamping by hand every letter and shape onto each piece. The range covers joyful and heartfelt expressions of love, memorial pieces that may make you cry and fun pieces to make you laugh.

Almost everything can be personalised in some way and you can also request a totally bespoke piece, just contact us hello@tinkerwolf.com or use the contact form at the top of the page.

tinkerwolf moonshine jewellery

In addition to our established tinkerwolf trinkets brand we are excited to add our tinkerwolf moonshine range.

Our exclusive designs are hand made for us in the USA, they are exceptionally hard wearing, made from high quality surgical steel with a shatterproof, waterproof liquid glass coating.

With each tinkerwolf moonshine piece you can also have your dog's name engraved on the back. And one very exciting feature of the tinkerwolf moonshine range is our ability to offer photo upload jewellery so that you can have your dog's photo on one of these high quality pieces.

what next?

Jewellery is just the start of the tinkerwolf brand, we have lots of exciting new products in the pipeline.

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the team

the founding tinkerwolf team consists of me Clare, my wonderful heart dog Ted, and Ted's little sister Ella. Ella is an absolute joy, where Ted is thoughtful and opinionated, Ella is act first, think later, and super keen to do a good job. 

They both do agility for fun and love to learn new things. They walk a good few miles every day and their favourite high intensity exercise is with a flirt pole.

For my part, when I'm not making or designing jewellery or working in the business, I'm generally hanging out with my dogs. We do a lot of walking, which is when a lot of my designs are conceived. I do also enjoy running, weight training and yoga. I study and read a lot, and I will confess to binge watching the odd series on Netflix.

thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we are so grateful for all our customers and supporters. Please make sure to subscribe and do come and find us on Facebook!