Product Care Advice

General advice

Put on all jewellery after using cosmetics, sprays and perfumes. Remove all jewellery before taking a shower or doing household tasks such as cleaning. This helps avoid contact with substances and chemicals that can cause damage.

Clean by carefully wiping with a soft jewellery cleaning cloth to remove oils and other chemicals. If you choose to use a jewellery cleaner please check instructions on the product first to ensure that it is compatible with your jewellery.

Store your jewellery in a dry place, and each piece in separate pouches or wraps. Avoid contact with other pieces of jewellery and items that may scratch. A great tip is to put a few silica gel bags in with your jewellery, silica gel is a desiccant, it adsorbs and holds water vapour.

Adjusting the fit for cuffs

All of our cuffs, stainless steel, aluminium or copper are all adjustable to get the fit that you would like. Any adjustment to the fit should be conducted when the metal has been warmed against your skin for a while, and cuffs should not be repeatedly adjusted. In particular cuffs should not be opened and closed to put on and off as this will stress and weaken the metal.

Additional information for copper jewellery.

Over time your copper jewellery will tarnish, this is due to exposure to air and also to the oils in your skin.  To clean submerge the copper into a solution of lemon juice and salt, leave for thirty to sixty seconds, rinse with water and dry.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Most of all enjoy your jewellery.