Believe in yourself copper cuff

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Let's face it, in today's crazy fast paced, instagram perfect, world its all too easy to lose faith in yourself. You start idly flicking through your phone during a spare five minutes and before you know it you've convinced yourself you'll never live up to everyone else and their perfect lives.
You forget the fact that everyone is filtering the crap out of everything (both literally and figuratively) and whilst your're down you talk yourself out of that next adventure or business move you were planning.
Well guess what you CAN DO IT, you just need to BELIEVE in YOURSELF ... AND if you don't then just look at your beloved DOG because they BELIEVE IN YOU!
Better still, treat yourself to this copper cuff so you have a constant reminder that someone believes in your with all their heart and soul🐾🐾

Hand stamped in the UK in our Cornish workshop.

You can even have your dog(s) name(s) hand stamped inside!

Product Description
Material: High quality jewellery grade copper
Measurements: 150mm x 9mm
Thickness: 1.2mm