Every once in a while stainless steel cuff

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You love dogs with your whole heart, you've always loved dogs, you've heard people talk about “heart dogs” and never really bought into the idea because you love your dogs equally. And then … one day, out of no where, that one special dog tips your life upside down. They might not be the dog that listens to you most, or be the smartest dog, they might even drive you crazy, but there is that magical thread between you, the partnership that will exist forever.
So now here you are, one of those “heart dog” people. You feel like you want to tell everyone what an amazing bond you have, but so many people will just never be lucky enough to understand.
And honestly, that's ok, because you and your dog know, and tinkerwolf knows. Which is why we make pieces for heart dog owners, wear the love for your dog on your wrist, we'll even hand stamp your wonderful dog's name inside so you can keep them with you at all times.

Hand stamped in the UK in our Cornish workshop.

Product Description
Material: High quality jewellery grade stainless steel, gold plated stainless steel, rose gold plated stainless steel
Measurements: 150mm x 6mm
Thickness: 2mm